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Pixels [11 Jan 2009|02:13pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

Thought I'd share some Mogwai pixels.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

These two I cut out from a blue background.
Photobucket Photobucket

And here's a tiny moqwai face that I'm using as my lj user icon right now.

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Gremlins Site [12 Aug 2008|01:03pm]

Found this cool site the other day called Gremlins Online

Just thought I'd post the link for anybody who wasn't aware of it :)
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Don't feed them after midnight.... [13 Jun 2007|01:36am]

[ mood | amused ]

Hey all, im like two days new to live journal, so bear with me!

I personally would love to be a gremlin...
for one reason only..

I ALWAYS end up eating something after midnight, but not as much during the day...
Im sure this is why im a lil podgy...
so yeah, i wish i were a gremlin.

Is it me...
or is Phoebe Cates, really hot in gremlins??
someone please back me up here


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Hi :D [08 Apr 2007|09:28am]

IS anyone on this community alive still? XD
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[14 Aug 2006|08:23pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Hello there! I saw this picture from Gremlins 2 whilst on the internet the other day and just had to show you guys:

Their names are (from top left): Daffy (the crazy one), Lenny (the goofy one), George (the frowning one), Mohawk (the leader) and of course Gizmo at the bottom!

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[31 Dec 2005|02:56pm]

I'm new here and I LOVE Gizmo.
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Super Model Gizmo. [03 Sep 2005|11:12pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Today I went to the mall, with my mother to go get things and such. It was great, I stopped by a video game store to go check if they have the Gremlins 2: New Batch game for Gameboy. They did!, I was so happy and Gizmo got to hangout in his bag. His head was peeking out of it most of the time. I got to do clothes shopping, and at the end my mother let me go into Build-A-Bear Workshop. We made a bear for my newborn cousin, then I was so tempted to try some clothes on Gizmo. So I did, there was a CUTE leather jacket but it was to big for him. But soon I found the CUTEST shorts/pants for him, then a shirt that actually fit him. Then while we were in line, a woman that worked there.. she helped me find the shirt. She put a cute little hat ontop of him, that matched his bag. All the workers there were in love with him. So when we got home, Gizmo and I hung around.. and yes I was very tired.. seeing how I didn't get enough sleep last night >>;;.... <<;;... But I got him set where he wanted to model off his clothing and such. So yeah, he wanted to show everyone here.



Isn't he a precious little model?. <3. I think so. Oh and the last picture was of my GB Gremlins game.

Here's a close up.  

Hope everyone enjoyed this ^.^.

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Adventure with Giz. [31 Aug 2005|12:15pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Well.. yeah Gizmo, a friend of mine and I went to the mall yesterday. My friend was kinda being lame, and trying to ' Reschedule ' our hangout time, but I told him no and made it sure that we'd hangout. So he picked me up and hour late ><, so yeah I was kinda not thinking at the time and LEFT my camera ;-;. But here's all what we did anyhoo XD.

When we got there, my friend and I really wanted to play DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). So that's what we did, about 3-6 rounds I believe of DDR can make you really tired. Gizmo tried to play too, but he didn't get so far. After that we went to a videogame store, and I kept on pestering the man, with Gizmo. To see if he had the Gremlins game, and he checked for me but it turned out he didn't have it ;-;. So we went to Suncoast, and I got the Gremlins 1 & 2 movie. Gizmo seemed happy about that, and the guy that worked there wanted to hold Gizmo for alittle bit. So Gizmo and I let him be with Gizmo, while I was getting out cash. But yeah after that, we left and went to the bookstore, with Gizmo OF COURSE!. My friend sat down to read some Manga, while Gizmo and I decided to pester the guy at Starbucks for some Chocolate Milk. So the guy was sweet, gave it to moi and Giz. Paid him, and he wanted to hug Gizmo. So Gizmo hugged him, and I bought a Sketchbook and we left. Gizmo enjoyed the ride home, cause it was full of fun music.


Eventful night, no I didn't feed him after midnight XD.

Here's something, I found for all of you to enjoy.


I know I did, when I first saw it.


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Another Find!. [29 Aug 2005|10:51pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Well I was bored, playing around with my Gizmo cause yeah.. I love Gizmo and he's going to have a awesome day tomorrow cause he's going to go hangout with my friend and I at the mall. Soon I decided to check out to see if there is anymore awesome Gizmo/Gremlins items. Soon I saw...

THIS!!!! I was like OMG! OMG! OMG!.

Gremlins Cereal! Oh yes! Remember the motto? 'Add milk...but never water!' I was an avid fan of Gizmo and company back in the day, still am actually, and when this movie tie-in hit the shelves, the decision was pretty simple. Unfortunately, had I realized that Gremlins Cereal was just another name for Captain Crunch, I might've stuck to the usual Lucky Charms. But I have no regrets...it came with a neat Gizmo sticker. In 1984, I would've eaten a tire for that....as long as it was before midnight.

All the words and such belong to the person who wrote about it.

I was all crazed and insane. O.o Oh and today my little Gizmo went shopping with me today.

He's so small, that he can fit in my pocket.

 Sorry I post here alot O.o.. but yeah... I'm Gizminsanity.

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Eat'chor heart out!. [28 Aug 2005|10:06pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Scroll down slowly... cause this is going to make everyone go insane.

They told me...

It wouldn't happen...

They told me...

That I was lying...

and.. that it'd never happen in a million..

Well guess what?...

The people who never believed me, can go straight to hell.. for all I care.

Cause I wasn't lying, and I'm not insane... well maybe a little bit. But you get the point!.

So yeah.. I've been wanting to get that game for like ever.. >-<. But THEN!.

*whine, cries.. wants it* ;-; NOW WHEN WILL THIS COME OUT!?

Anyhoo last Friday, I went over to my friend's house. He had a few other people at his house too, including a friend of mine that owns a squeaky Gizmo too. We started to compare ours to eachothers.

<- Mine.   <- His. Taken in my room, with all my other plushies ><.

But yeah.. we discovered mine is smaller, but same tag. Both of ours have squeakers, but yeah ><.. he's had his Gizmo for a LOOONG time and he's taken his everywhere with him so the squeaker is getting old. But wow. I've been taking my Gizmo everywhere with me too O.o

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[20 Aug 2005|11:57am]
[ mood | curious ]

I've been getting more and more mixed messages... do you guys think it's immature to carry around a Gizmo plushie with you everywhere?. I have mine, and my mom continues to bitch at me.. about how immature it is to have him around with me. He's not baby- ish ><. Sure yeah.. he squeaks.. but he's about 21 years old.. well the movie is I guess. This just has been bothering me.

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Many Fun-ness Stuff with the Gizmo. [04 Aug 2005|01:18pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

As I told.. and well promised everyone... that'd take alot of pictures of Gizmo when we go places. So yeah, plus I said I'd take him to work with me. Which I did on Wednesday, which I made... into...

Take Gizmo to Work Day!.

So onwards to the pictures!.

When we first got there, I was told I could do filing instead of what I usually do. Which is vacuuming.. So when no one was in the office, Gizmo came out to play.

 he wanted to see how it was to be working in the office. Soon I got thirsty, and everytime before I work. I drink Coca Cola, so I can stay in focus and such. But then he stole it away from me. Silly Gizmo..

  After that, he gave it back to me. So I was able to drink it. Then he noticed the desk, wanted to say 'Hi' to the desk ornament.

 Soon he realized it wouldn't talk back and say hi to him so he gave up. Then got tired, falling asleep in his bag again. But the good thing, some of the people at my job saw him and loved him. So maybe they might see more of him. Today he was really eager and felt like dressing up, so yeah I let him.

First he really wanted to dress up as a Pimp, so I grabbed out a hat and my sunglasses.  

Then I told him he looked more like a 'Blues Brother' he agreed too... He really wanted to dress up like a cowboy, but I couldn't find anything for him to wear. But I found my 'Naruto Konoha Headband.'   

He thought it was one of those beauty contest things, but I told him that it wasn't. But yeah, he didn't mind.

Then after that, we were both thirsty.. so we shared some Coca Cola.

That's it for now, but tomorrow we're going to go visit the relatives all this weekend. So plenty more pictures will be taken.

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Gizmo likes being a camwhore. [01 Aug 2005|10:52pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I'm not sure if it'd be allowed to be without a cut... But erm.. I don't feel like LJ cutting it...

As I said earlier, I found and bought Gizmo on Sunday. I gave him a bath to clean him up, pity he's slightly damp still. But I've still tried to dry him.. such as yes.. I put him in the dryer.. but his squeaker suddenly stopped working.. it happens on and off but I got it fixed. Today I went to go shop in the mall, bought lots of stuff. But no 'Gremlins' items anywhere. But I found a cute bag. I thought it'd be nice for Gizmo so I could carry him in it sometimes.. Onward to the pictures.

  Arr ye mateys I see a flashacomin'!

Then.. he kept on begging me to take a picture of him and his new bag. He loves it alot, so yeah I did.

 Gizmo: I gots a bag, yeeeey!.

                                      Aya: Now Gimo [I call him that as well for 'Gemo' you know just for a nickname.] You have to share you little rascal.

                                     Gizmo: Fine Fine!.. ::snuggles bag, and huggles Aya::

                                     Aya: [That's me by the way] Awwr. ::melts::


As I said before.. sorry I didn't cut this.. ><..

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::gasp:: ^.^ [01 Aug 2005|01:02am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Yay!, I finally found a Gremlins Gizmo community!. Wh00p XD... but anyways.. when I was very very young.. I use to be afraid of Gremlins. But now, I love it... Proper introductions are in order. Eh?.

My name is Aya, female and I'm 18. My 'friend' use to own a Gizmo plushie that squeaked, and he let me borrow/ baby sit it for a week or two. I grown attached to the little guy, boy.. did my friend barely wash it so.. yeah.. I gave him a bath and everything.. I didn't let him leave my side. Still I had to give him back, I would've kept him.. but I just didn't want to be mean to my friend. So when I went to the mall, I found a cute.. erm.. plastic/fur.. small Gizmo. It was cute, but not cuddly. But I bought it anyways,
so yeah.. then I remembered this guy, I always went to for collectibles and such. Yes I use to collect dalmation toys with my friend. He had a Gizmo plushie that squeaked too.. But anyways.. I've been thinking about going there a few times.. never did.. and so erm.. just yesterday I went to go look again.. I brought money with me of course >.<. I thought he'd want to give it to me for $40 but he gave it to me for $15. So far, I gave it a bath and I love Gizmo to pieces.. should I bring Gizmo to places today.. I dunno.. but anyhoo.. he also had a plushed Gizmo that didn't squeak and a figure of Gizmo and a keychain of Stripe. Now onwards for the hunt of the gba game XD.

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[13 Jul 2005|07:05pm]

I just joined!! Gremlins has been my favorite movie ever since I was probably.. oh.. 5? Still love it and own both the movies, and I'm working on hoarding everything gizmo lol.. Well just thought I'd say hello to everybody!
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7 Gremlins icons [10 Jul 2005|01:59pm]


( With Mogwai come much responsibility )
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Bright Lights! [29 Jun 2005|11:40am]

[ mood | okay ]

Another Gizmo lover joining the ranks!

I can actually do the little tune he sings, it's one of my party pieces. Some people like it, some think I'm nuts lol. I have a singing Gizmo on my dressing table and a small Giz on my bedside table. My husband has one too to match, weather he likes it or not, ha! Gonna haveto make some icons. Will post them here.

See you around.

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[18 Apr 2005|07:35pm]


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Tries to breathe. [07 Dec 2004|01:04am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Gremlins...showing...at...the....cinema! I'm so happy! Being able to see Gizmo on the big screen for the first time ever. I can't believe they finally decided to show it. I'm going to be there the morning before just so I can get a ticket and a good seat. I'm so excited. Its not for awhile yet but you can bet on me being there.

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Fixed the gizmo colourbar. [28 Nov 2004|04:47pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Gizmo is pure love
Made by phantom_pheonix

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